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  • Rongcheng Shidao Guangxin Food Co., Ltd.

    The company attaches importance to talent, quality, actual effect and credit. Taking building modern enterprise system as the reform direction, the company comprehensively carries forward advanced management method.

    Warmly welcomes friends home and abroad with all staff for negotiation and cooperation.






    The present era is full of opportunity and activity and breeds success and glory.
    Complying with the tide of the times, the company has walked out a vigorous development road with continuous innovative spirit. It has become a modern enterprise integrating fruit cans, canned aquatic products and fruit drink, realizing trans-century leap.
    Recalling the past in the light of the present, we never forget where our happiness comes from. There will not be our present glory if there is no strong support of all circles of the society. Here, we express the most sincere thanks to friends of all circles who care and support our development.
    In the new situation that China joins in WTO, the company will stick to the business philosophy of “Product Quality Is Life, Enterprise Management Is Foundation”, actively implement the four development strategies of famous brand, innovation, technology and talent, widely scan the international market, explore and expand new channel promoting rapid expansion of the enterprise and build new system of commodity operation and capital operation in the great circulation of international economy to realize grand strategic goal.
    The company competes in the commercial sea and cares for all people. Standing on the leading edge of the times, the company will cooperate with friends for a more glorious and brilliant tomorrow!